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ILLUSION CAFE, a new generation of entertainment

An immersive experience through the heart of the emotion and the discovery that humankind can perceive by means of his 5 senses;


As well the visual, as the tasting, as the smelling, as the hearing and as the touch will be requested and soaked with different atmospheres and experiences.

All the surfaces from the wall to the ceiling, including several stage spaces, but also tables and plates, will be " mapped " by 3D last technologies projections, according to the various themes.


The permanent running Show will overflow from the stage to invade all the dining room, then taking the audience into a unique immersive experience …


Exclusive visual acts, mixing dance, music, great illusions and mapping projection, will come to spread the dinner, and to invite itself from the stage to the guest plates.


The spectator will travel in a split second from antique Egypt to the Cosmos end-bottom through an intergalactic battle via the Grand Canyon, till the Bermuda Triangle Abyss etc. all imaginable declinations can be created endlessly according to the seasons, the trends, the marketing and commercial requirements etc. …
A dreamlike and imaginary world where the audience will often have difficulty to distinguish the illusion from the reality!!


Our team committed with the most creative and innovative film directors, choreographers, composers, special and magic specialist effects, graphic motion 2D / 3D designer, will know how to create a new generation show as high as the craziest and most conceivable projects by and for the human mind… a journey beyond the consciousness and the sensory perception, within the setting of a restaurant of exception: ILLUSION CAFÉ.